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Matthew W. Anderson
9 December 1976
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So I figure it was time I updated my bio. Since I last posted it I am now living in Madison, WI with my two roommates and a cat. I've got a steady job as a loan counselor, helping people get their lives back on track financially, and calling people who don't want to talk to me. For the first time in my life, I feel secure with where I am, and feel like my life actually has some direction. Of course, I'm still looking for someone to share that with, but I'm working on that and will hopefully be successful in that soon as well (and no, there isn't anyone that I'm seeing currently).

Most importantly, I've recently come open to my friends and family as being bisexual. This is something that I've thought about for years and only come to total grips on it in recent months. Thankfully everyone has been very supportive of me and my decision (even if they don't totally agree with it). This has allowed me to be more open about myself, and allowed me to hopefully have more success in relationships here in the future.

Oh...you wanted to know something interesting about me. Ummm...well...there really isn't. As you can tell by my interests, I'm a movie buff who also enjoys music, anime, manga (and comics in general), video games, and various other things. I particularly enjoy B-Grade movies such as the disater "Plan 9 From Outer Space" and the modern day disaster "Battlefield Earth" (though you'll hurt your neck watching that movie with all the weird camera angles). You might even have noticed my interest in balloons. Well that's a long story that I really don't feel like going into for now yet. Perhaps one day if I feel ambitious ^_~.